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Legal Information

Dear visitors, by visiting the web site diamare.ru (the “Site”) and using the information offered, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use set forth below (the “Terms of Use”), without limitation and qualification.
The Site is the property of IP Tikhonov Vladimir Pavlovich (the “Company”) and contains information on jewelry pieces, the design of Diamare jewelry pieces (the “Products”), as well as Diamare marketing programmes.

All the data contained on the Site is informational and cannot be considered exhaustive. Complete information on the Products can be obtained from the Company’s staff.

The Company reserves the right to change any information contained on the Site, at any time, without notice.

The information on the prices and Products. The prices for the Products offered on the Site are purely informational and may vary from the retail prices the Company’s partners put on the Products.

The Site containing information on the Products does not entail that the Company or its retail partners have these Products available for sale.

The colour hues of the Products whose images are contained on the site may vary from those on sale due to the fact that many of the Products are unique.

The prices for any Products offered on the Site can be changed by the Company, at any time, without notice.

Visitors’ personal information. Users can provide their personal information to the Company of their own free will. The Company does everything in its ability to protect the users’ personal information provided by them voluntarily.

The Company reserves the right to modify the users’ personal information, as well as delete it without notice and without providing reasons.

The Site uses the “cookie” technology to track the users’ accessing the Site pages. Our goal is to improve the service quality provided to the visitors of the Site. Visitors have the right to disable this option in their browser settings. The Company neither collects, nor stores any personal information on the visitors.

Copyright. The use of all text, graphics, audiovisual information contained on the Site is subject to the compliance with the requirements of the Russian Federation copyright and intellectual property legislation.

Without prior consent of the Company, the information contained on the Site can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Any other use of the information offered is subject to prior consent of the Company.

Quoting the information is allowed on condition of providing the link to the Site as the initial source.

Trademarks. All the logos and trademarks contained on the Site are the Company’s property.

Hyperlinks. The Company is not responsible for the information contained on other sites that can be accessed by the users through the hyperlinks contained on the Site.

Disclaimers. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the information on the Site, nor its completeness. The Company does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the Site, either.

The Company is not liable for any damages and losses arising from the use of information contained on the Site, accessing the Site or failures in its operation.

Conclusion. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the Terms of Use, at any time, without notice to the visitors of the Site.